Love Veal Parmesan but can’t do the breadcrumbs because of the carbohydrates or the gluten? Me neither!

I need Gluten free myself so I’m always looking for ways to tweak everything and make it gluten free, low carb or organic.

Just your luck I have an option for you! Low carbohydrate options are a must when trying to lose weight, especially if your following our

Keto Elite Weight loss program.

Watch my short video for Amy’s Absolutely Low Carb Veal Parm recipe for what you need and how to make it!

(FYI: dunk in the egg first, then this mixture) 

This information does not replace the advice of your doctor or pharmacist. Weight loss results may vary. Results can vary due to activity levels, calories consumed, proper supplement use and water consumption. These statements have not been approved by the Food & Drug Administration.
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