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I have used several different product lines in the past, none of which has given me the results of Elite Weight Loss products.I have used Skinny Elite, lost 34 pounds, then I moved on to Curve Bee Pollen, and I am really liking it. I have also used the Elite Boost as a plateau buster or after a bad weekend of eating to help get me back on track. Thanks Elite Weight Loss for all your continued help.



Hey! Just wanted to let you know that even though I am a man, I ordered Skinny Elite, and lost 56 pounds! I read all the reviews and thought even if it seems mostly geared for women, men can have the same issues with metabolism later in life, so I tried it, and it’s awesome! I will be ordering more! Thanks



Hello Customers! I have used and sold many brand lines in the past and have never gotten results like I am getting now with Elite Weight Loss. I am currently on Sizzle Me Skinny and loving it! My appetite is gone, I don’t crave anything, and often I do have to remind myself to eat.



I’m writing in to tell you about my success on Skinny Bee Platinum. I myself, along with 3 of my friends at work, are all using Skinny Bee Platinum and we all have lost weight. Between the 4 of us we are down 96 pounds so far. We often laugh that it’s like half a person missing when we sit in  the booth at our favorite hangout to eat lunch. We are very satisfied with the customer service and fast shipping also.



I have been using Ignite along with Elite Boost. I have a little bit sensitivity to caffeine, but I still needed appetite control and detox cleanse. They recommended me to use these two. It has worked out really good. I can use the Ignite 1-2 times a day, no matter what time because it won’t keep me awake. The Elite Boost I use 1-2 a day depending on my “regularity”. I have a desk job, so drinking a ton of water was never my best effort, due to not wanting to run to the bathroom all the time. I don’t with these. I have actually lost more, 24 pounds, since using them, then just with the diet and walking program I was following prior.



I started using Curve Bee Pollen in Dec 2016. I have lost 74 pounds total. I have over 100 pounds total to lose from my years of unhealthy eating. I am getting close to my goal!  I am also using Elite Boost, one capsule every night to help with cleansing and regularity. Those have been a savior to me, I had such poor bathroom habits prior. Nothing else I have seemed to use from the super market ever worked for me. My friend who uses Skinny Elite referred me. I decided to use the Curve Bee Pollen instead based on the info I read. Thanks so much for helping me to lose the weight and get healthy. PS. My DR asked me what I was doing and I told him. He was grateful for my cholesterol coming down as well.



I have been using Sizzle Me Skinny for 2 months. I chose this product based on the product guide and Where do I begin info, posted on the site. It seemed to good fit for me. I am down 19 pounds in 8 weeks. I haven’t changed anything else, except I track my water and my measurements now. I am using the Elite weight loss 90 day challenge page to record my results each week, and it has helped me so much with accountability. I did purchase the tape measure and water bottle set as well, and I have increased my water intake, merely because every time its empty I refill it, since it was recommended to drink half my body weight daily in ounces, so I calculated my weight divided by the bottle being 24 ounces. And I just refill it that many times minimum a day. The tape measure was easy to use on myself since its flexible too. I can’t wait to complete my 90 day challenge and get my $50 rewards credit !! Awesome program !



I was on old Slim Trim U and Prime Supplement user until they went off the market. I messaged them and asked what I should use now. They recommended their Skinny Elite and Skinny Bee platinum. I started on Skinny Elite for 3 months, lost 18 pounds, then moved to Platinum and lost 12 more. I am close to my goal weight. Nothing else I tried worked for me after the other products. I am so happy they made these ones!



I started using Astonished! 2 months ago. My hair and nails have grown so much. I have a protein deficiency from chronic illness so my hair doesn’t grow well, and my skin always looked wrinkly or dry. This has helped me so much retain the extra moisture in my skin. Non of the creams I was applying worked. I read all the info about how this works from the inside out, and they were right. Love them, and the fact one bottle is a 2 month supply, great price and great quality vs some of the other ones I googled.



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