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I’m not sure where to start……..99% our our questions are answered on this one page, please review it all.

Please see the product guide on the homepage or above. We do not recommend starting off with the strongest product. There is a chance you will not be able to tolerate it and need to stop, or cut the dose in half. You also will not have a product to turn to when you plateau. It is best to follow our recommendations. If you are unsure, please use the chat button or email us. We have a no refund policy because we cannot take back bottles once shipped out. We also do NOT do autoships. Use Step 1 and 2 below to get started and scroll down to the diet plans if you need food choice help or need to cut the junk out fast.

Step 1- If you have poor eating habits, sluggish bowel, or never used supplements, we suggest using the Elite Boost Detox to rid your system of bad habits and toxins in the bowel that is toxic sludge and can hinder weight loss prior to getting started on our supplements. It will also cleanse the digestive tract and you will have better results. If you are anxious and don’t want to do the detox alone first, then use your chosen weight loss supplement during daytime and the detox an hour before bed and an hour after your last meal if you eat late (also try not to eat for 2-3 hours prior to bed-your body will be digesting your food instead of resting and recovering, which inhibits weight loss).

Elite Boost can be taken for 2 weeks if taking 2 caps at bedtime or nightly if using one capsule. The bottle has 30 capsules. We also suggest getting our 24 ounce Elite Water bottle and tape measure because you will need it to track your inches in the tracker. You need to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water a day minimum for the supplements to work. If your dehydrated or constipated you will have trouble losing weight. Weigh yourself and take your measurements. If your having trouble with normal bowel movements we suggest using the Boost Detox with any of our products and try adding some Propel water or Powerade Zero to make sure you’re getting enough electrolytes.  Your body needs them for normal functions to occur. If you are cutting back calories and not getting enough nutrients, this can be an issue, even on the Keto Diet. On the Keto Diet Plan you can add our Keto Reset product also.

NOTE: For people sensitive to products with detox (senna, fiber,cassia,etc) Elite Boost Detox is a good product for you as well. Use 1 capsule instead of 2 nightly for all the added benefits. Will you still feel energized? Absolutely!! This is also good for when you hit your goal but want to maintain as well. Elite Boost Detox keeps the sludge out of the colon and prevents fat accumulation and reabsorption. It can help with leaky gut (AKA bloating and extra poop leaking into and through the abdominal lining filling your body with toxins.) YUCK!

Step 2 -Deciding which weight loss product to start with…My first question to you is if you are on a thyroid prescription already? Then I recommend to start with one of these; Skinny Bee Platinum, or Slim Trim Elite or Skinny Bee Gold. They have metabolism enhancers but not as direct as Skinny Elite Weight Loss.  If you’re not taking any thyroid medicine but if hormones, aging, metabolism, chronic fatigue seem to be an issue, start with Skinny Elite. This would be a step 2/3 product recommendation based on how someone would answer regarding hormones, aging and thyroid.

About Your Sluggish Thyroid: Skinny Elite has an all natural metabolism enhancer, some do like to take it along with prescription medication for thyroid, some have felt it works better for them and stopped their RX meds. Please don’t do that without talking to your Dr or making sure the proper steps for your lab work with your Dr are followed. This isn’t designed to offer you medical advice but to encourage you to make the best informed decisions for yourself with the advice your your primary Dr. We cannot offer you medical advice but guidance on what our customers have reported and the known testimonies we have. For others already using a Dr prescribed thyroid medicine feel they do not like to take them together feeling too much stimulation of the thyroid (everyone is different, hence why we have more then 1 solution to your weight loss trouble!) Skinny Elite also has built in appetite control, well being enhancer and energizer. Always ask your Dr if your on an RX for thyroid if you can’t decide if you need to change up what you are taking. 

Step 3-Frequent supplement user? Hit a plateau? Need a little extra afternoon help? Try one of our fat burners such as Curve Bee Pollen or Elite Shreds Max or Skinny Bee Xtreme– it’s all about appetite and fat burn plus a few extras. Please be aware there is No detox built in with these products, which means if you need the detox, use the Elite Boost Detox with them. If you started on a product in #2  this is a great step up. If you are a frequent supplement user and would like to start here we recommend using a half dose according to the bottle to assess tolerance before moving to a full dose to assess tolerance.

NOTE: Some have also asked me if they can start on Skinny Bee Xtreme and well that depends on you and your tolerance to caffeine and stimulants. Most diet supplements will contain those in order to bump up your resting metabolism, cutting out extra sources in your diet can offset any unwanted side effects when you start using weight loss supplements. Skinny Bee Xtreme, as well as Elite Shreds Max, Curve Bee Pollen are also loved by many of our fitness enthusiasts as a pre workout product.  Yes, all 3 of these are powerful effective fat burners, so yes, caffeine or stimulant tolerance is recommended or starting with 1/2 the dose.  Also, you don’t have to wait to hit the gym, just take it about 30-45 minutes prior and you will get more from your workouts and find it somewhat easier to progress through the harder parts.  You won’t be dragging through your warmup.

Step 4-CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK DUE TO COVID Need afternoon or evening support? Add Ignite for extra fat burning especially if your exercising. It will Help you get lean faster. Ignite can be taken any time of day. There is no added caffeine in it. Ignite also has appetite control so it can be taken in the evening without concern of it keeping you awake. You do NOT have to stop your Elite Boost, Skinny Elite, Skinny Bee Platinum, Curve Bee Pollen, Sizzle or Skinny Bee Xtreme, or Elite Shreds Max in step 1,2,3 These can be stacked. Ignite can also be taken without any of our pill supplements. It’s a favorite amongst those who cannot tolerate caffeine. It’s also great to pair with Elite Boost. This will block additional carbs from being stored as well.

Step 5-ROTATE PRODUCTS FROM STEP 2 AND STEP 3 this helps to further your weight loss and prevent plateaus. 

I HAVE DIGESTION ISSUES-WHAT’S BEST?  Sizzle Me Skinny and Elite Boost. Yes it can be used at any stage of the game and yes people do start off with it that are “supplement junkies”. Some people like to start with it due to the extra fiber, digestive enzymes and probiotics. This product has appetite control plus all the other great advantages of our products. It is the only product with the fiber and enzymes which help break down foods and did it from the digestive tract. If you have poor eating habits, fast food, junk food this is a good choice. People without gallbladders tend to like these because the digestive enzymes help break down food for digestion- a known problem with people without a gallbladder. The probiotics will also help restore the “normal flora-good bacteria” That lives in your gut to help keep things in check. If you currently have digestion issues or not having daily bowel movements, we suggest using the Boost Detox with Sizzle Me Skinny, not Sizzle Me Skinny by itself due to the fiber content. Although many experts will say “eat more fiber” well, for those with “slow to go issues” already, fiber can slow you down more since it’s a bulking agent. FIber requires lots and lots of water as well to work correctly, like half your body weight in ounces per day, minimum. 

 I just need appetite control now ..All of the weight loss pills have appetite control ingredients (except Boost Detox, Flawless Looks and Keto Reset) and each is designed to work in its own way. If we put the same exact ingredients and the same exact doses in each product, people would plateau and have no other choices. Elite Weight Loss uses premium high grade blends of appetite suppressants in all the weight loss supplements.  We don’t want you to STOP eating all together, that doesn’t help your body, your immune system. your gut or your metabolism. As your appetite is decreasing, we want you to learn to make better choices, and our weight loss support group can help, and it’s free. CLICK HERE TO JOIN ON FACEBOOK

So then WHERE DO I START?  You chose the level of stimulant you believe you can start at relating to your daily intake of caffeine and stimulants. Some people cannot live without and coffee and refuse to quit, so go lower level on the stimulant choice, if you need a boost and don’t do coffee or tea because you don’t like the taste or cannot tolerate caffeine well, start on lower level. If you can tolerate caffeine well and or other stimulants (chocolate, tea, etc) then start on the higher stimulants. Please note you may need to start with half a dose on any of them to assess your tolerance. 

Just because we say step 1, 2, etc doesn’t mean those products aren’t strong and it also doesn’t mean the others are stronger. That’s where people go wrong choosing a product. Each works differently and targets different issues. Each has appetite control in them. No worries.

I don’t know what to eat to lose weight or stop my food cravings……I need a diet plan to follow!

At Elite Weight Loss we believe in encouraging healthy habits and replacing your existing food issues with healthy one. We offer a 2 week Diet Detox with a full 2 week food plan and meal list for both Vegan and NOn Vegan Options all on one. We also have a full on Keto Elite Weight Loss Program instructed by an RN and Keto Certified Coach. CLICK THE LINK TO SEE THE 3 OPTIONS.

We also offer a variety of Keto Elite Weight Loss Supplements that can be used with or without our program or with other popular diets such as the HCG Diet. You can find them here.

Maintenance- Here is our suggestion- you can maintain your weight on any of our products. Why? Because they are designed to control your appetite no matter which you chose. But your system can become immune after a few months. Rotating your product is best and can provide the maximum results by doing so. You can add Elite Boost and Ignite at anytime to any of the products. You can also maintain your detox with Elite Boost nightly.

If you have made a decision to get started please click the button below to get started.

Are all your ingredients listed?

Formulas may change as well as name of ingredients, information on the website, labels, images, milligrams and dosing. Please follow the product label. These are proprietary formulas which may change ingredients due to availability or changes at the laboratories. We try our best to keep every product page up to date as well as provide ingredient descriptions that can help you to better understand what they do exactly. We want you to be in the know!  Join our Elite Weight Loss Support Group here.

Will I fail a drug test?

Supplements that can be considered workout enhancers, performance enhancers, stimulants can all show up differently on lab tests, even prescriptions. Unfortunately there is no easy answer for that except be clear on what you are taking if tested, upfront. Each lab or facility has different testing protocols as well as each employer. Elite Weight Loss does not take responsibility for lab testing results. Herbal supplements and natural or laboratory made ingredients can all show false positives as well as many common over the counter medicines and supplements on the market.

Stop looking for weight loss product replacements!

 If you loved Slim Trim U, Asset Bold, Prime, Skinny Bee Pollen, Skinny Bee Diet Original, Zxt Gold, Infinity, Oasis, La Trim, Xcel, Jenesis, then look no further! Those products are obsolete and not to mention, illegal. Those products only worked because the manufacturer failed to list ingredients on the label that are deemed harmful and illegal for sale. We do NOT participate in the purchase or sale of supplements that we did not formulate.

Our customers have tried our new line of Elite Weight Loss dietary supplements and have never looked back !
They are more then satisfied with the rapid weight loss results they are getting on the new Elite Weight Loss dietary supplements.  See our testimonies here.

This information does not replace the advice of your doctor or pharmacist. Weight loss results may vary. Results can vary due to activity levels, calories consumed, proper supplement use and water consumption. These statements have not been approved by the Food & Drug Administration.
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