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Elite Weight Loss has 5 Star Rated Elite Supplements to target the toughest weight loss issues! Our mission is to provide you high quality products you can trust with expertise and great customer service. 


Elite Weight Loss Diet Pills are the best dietary supplements for weight loss. They contain only the best appetite suppressants on the market.

Our pills to lose weight have helped thousands of people. See our testimony page.

Fast weight loss results are possible if using the products consistently and following our advice.

Control your hunger with Skinny Elite Bee Pollen weight loss, one of Elite Supplements’ best weight loss pills.


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Advanced weight loss formula to boost metabolism naturally,

control cravings, lose the weight!

Curve Bee Pollen

One of the top-selling supplements in our Elite Supplements line, Curve Bee Pollen is a great fat burner for getting lean results, controlling appetite, and shedding those unwanted pounds. Curve Bee Pollen is a powerful thermogenic fat-burning proprietary blend of 57.248 mg per capsule, 60 capsules per bottle. It is said to be a great fat burner and one of our top choices to lose weight while exercising.

All-New Slimming Solution

Slim Trim Elite

Many times, people go on prescription strength appetite suppressants for weight loss when that isn’t needed. Herbal Slim Trim Elite supplementation and the right formula is what you need.

Slim Trim Elite will help decrease new fat formation while safely burning existing fat stores in those hard to reach areas. The Trim and Slim at the same time allow the body to slow the absorption of fats and carbs while increasing the metabolism. If you’re looking for the best appetite suppressants that are lower in stimulants and lower in caffeine, I would suggest trying this one. It’s truly one of the best weight loss pills that won’t cause jitters to start.

Slim Trim Elite
Slim Trim Elite

Slim Trim Elite

Full system detox, appetite control, improve energy, shed excess water

Skinny Elite

Skinny Elite

Boost thyroid levels naturally. Curbs appetite and cravings while providing you clean and pure energy

Skinny Bee Platinum

Skinny Bee Platinum

Appetite control, energy, detox, metabolism boost, thermogenics, fat elimination

Slim Trim Elite

Skinny Bee Gold

The gold standard in natural herbal supplements for energy and fat burn

Slim Trim Elite

Curve Bee Pollen

Improve your mood, target deep fat stores, and cut appetite

Skinny Elite

Elite Shreds MAX

This is a stronger fat burner that improves mood, focus, and your workout results

Skinny Bee Platinum

Sizzle Me Skinny

High-end slimming fibers as well as probiotics and digestive enzymes

Slim Trim Elite

Skinny Bee Xtreme

Lose unwanted pounds and inches, break plateaus and destroy fat cells


Keto Elite Weight Loss Program

New Keto Elite Ketogenic Diet Program is available for those needing food choices and meal planning help. Our own Keto Diet Coach is available for help.

$10 to Join for Lifetime Membership

No Monthly Fees

No Autoships

*Lose Weight Fast with Elite Ketogenic Diet!

*Burn stored fat for fuel!

*Stop cravings for sugar once and for all!

*Free Lifetime Access!

*Lose weight like the celebrities!

*2 Week Carb detox-lose up to 14 pounds now!

*Free gifts with purchase! *Free Keto Coach

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Let Us Help You Achieve Your Desired Weight Goals

We understand that trying new supplements can be scary and intimidating, exciting too, but still intimidating. We are here to help you if you need direct, one-on-one support and guidance through your weight loss journey. We’d love to help you and add your story to our success stories. If you are serious about losing weight but nothing you have tried has been able to achieve results, schedule a consultation with our product specialist where we can narrow down the issues that are holding you back. We break plateaus and get the weight loss results you’re looking for and get you feeling healthier and happier.

Elite Supplements are the best weight loss products on the market backed by our 5 Star Google rated customer reviews.


Skinny Bee Platinum Review
My name is Courtney, I’ve been taking Skinny Bee Platinum for 3 months! I’ve lost 30 pounds so far, and have more energy than I’ve had in years!

Courtney Southern

I’ve taken my fair supplement here and there over the years and honestly I can say this is by far my favourite one. At the moment I’m taking Skinny Bee Gold, and I love it! It gives me that extra boost with my workouts, stops my cravings.. ESPECIALLY around that time of the month.. which all ladies know is a miracle, not to mention you don’t get the jitters that typical supplements give you.


astonished hair skin and nails review
LOVE Astonished! My hair grew faster than normal, my nails are stronger and my face has been so clear this month. Skinny Bee Xtreme, on the other hand, is just a little too extreme for me. I get really shaky but I’m going to try a different one 🙂

Bethany Hardy

Rhonda Lindsey Curve Bee Pollen Review
These products are amazing! I have had great success with them but especially the Curve Bee Pollen! I am able to maintain a healthy weight but yet not starve myself!

Rhonda Lindsey

I have been taking Skinny Bee Platinum for 30 days and have lost 8lbs. I take one pill in the morning and one in the afternoon. Since taking Platinum my energy level has increased, I have less cravings and it controls my appetite throughout the day! I am excited to see my results after 90 days with Skinny Bee Platinum.

Zoe Rogerson

Love, love the Slim Trim Elite!!!!! I’ve been on keto for about 2 weeks now. Thanks to the slim trim, I’m actually not very hungry.

Cass P

Kimberly Reed Curve Bee Pollen Review
I have finally found a product that is working for me thank you. I order Curve Bee Pollen, I take 2 in the AM before breakfast I can feel them start to work and then one before dinner helps a lot. I am also taking Ignite before lunch or after and then again before bed and the pounds are starting to melt off. Every day the scale is going int he right direction. I had to order another bottle to make sure that I don’t run out.

Kimberly Reed

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At Elite Weight Loss, we believe in focusing on the entire weight loss issue; providing the best appetite suppressants, nonprescription of course, an energy boost for thermogenic fat burn,

mood boost and reduce stress, improve slow metabolism, fat burning supplements for women, fixing poor bowel habits, overall health, age, health issues, poor food choices.

Let us customize your Elite Supplements selection to get you the best weight loss results. Join us on web chat by clicking the chat icon. We will help you select the

best dietary supplements and customized pills to lose weight, for you, geared towards your weight loss issues. Now let’s get started on your weight loss transformation!


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