Benefits of Bee Pollen Weight Loss Supplements

Bee Pollen

When bees rest on a flower, they make a ball of pollen. It is a blend of saliva, pollen and honey /nectar. These balls are carried by the bees to their hive and stored there. The bee colony feeds on the fermented pollen.

Bee pollen is high in nutrition and one tablespoon of it has 16 calories, a small amount of fat and protein, carbohydrates and 250 nutrients, flavonoids and vitamins.

What are its benefits of Bee Pollen weight loss supplements?

This super food can relieve inflammation. It boosts your liver health and also plays the role of an anti oxidant. Besides strengthening immunity, bee pollen also helps in reducing symptoms of your menopause. It reduces stress and speeds up the healing process. Bee pollen works as dietary supplement as well.

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