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Our customers make the best Affiliates! Get money deposited into your rewards account to redeem in store online or get the Cashout option deposited to your bank account. Referring your friends via text, social media has never been easier! Become a brand rep and earn free products! The Elite Weight Loss Affiliate Program provides you with all of the FREE tools and knowledge to make money promoting the best weight loss products on the market without leaving the comfort of your home.

This is a Referral Program, NOT MLM. You receive a link to refer your friends and family to and receive a referral commission if they make a purchase.



Start Earning Affiliate Commissions Today!

Weight loss and dietary supplement sales are UP!  With the Elite Weight Loss Affiliate Program, you have an unlimited earning potential, generous commission scale of 25%, plus lifetime commissions as long as your person you referred to us continues to buy and you stay as a referrer in our system, (just don’t cancel your account out or we can’t pay you basically). You are NEVER required to buy anything. Our customer’s love us (see our testimonies and Google reviews) so why not share us?! Free to join and you don’t need to be using the products, basic customer accounts are free. Refer us to your friends and family and if they make a purchase, you get paid! Our referral system is 100% newbie proof so it’s easy for you to sign up AS AN EXISTING CUSTOMER, log in, upgrade your account for free and start earning money for each sale that you refer. Now more product options available all on one site! The best Affiliate sales program to make the most of your social media is here…. And it’s FREE to join! Not interested in an extra payday  but love the products? Customer’s can share their reward link and earn extra points to use as dollars off in their cart at checkout. 

Elite Weight Loss Affiliate Program Benefits

Copy & Paste Profits

A down to earth system anyone can use. Your affiliate link displays right at the top of the affiliate dashboard with a quick and convenient “copy to clipboard” button. After you have clicked the copy button, all you have to do is paste the link where you feel it’ll get clicked the most. Becomming a weight loss promoter is easy!

Exclusive Affiliate Group

You will be granted access to join our exclusive Elite Weight Loss Affiliate Facebook Group where we give you insights, updates, promotions, tips and tricks, product info, testimonies and more to help you become a successful referral affiliate. It’s FREE to join our weight loss Affiliate Program! 

Weekly Payouts

Unlike most affiliate programs, we process referral affiliate commissions every Friday. Your earnings are paid to you every week, securely via Paper Check or direct deposit. Your choice. And NO monthly purchases are required on our Affiliate marketing program. No committment. No monthly BV to meet.

Dedicated Affiliate Manager

If you have questions about our referral sales affiliate program, you can always reach out to us by clicking the chat icon in the lower right corner. We are dedicated to your success. We love that our customer’s have shared their rewards links and earned themselves some free products too! Let us help you get started.

Product Discounts

 We reward our referral affiliates with some product discounts and freebies. While we cannot guarantee any type of set % off products, it can vary from one to the next.  Referral Sales Affiliates must be active in the system and actively sharing their links, earning commissions to continue to receive a discount after 90 days. If not, the Referral status can be removed at discretion of the company if we feel the discounts are being abused. 

Creative Marketing Materials

Our image banners, videos, and email swipes for every program and every product gives you the opportunity to promote the best information to the proper audience. Grab our already done for you creatives and checkout our amazing Elite Weight Loss testimonies to share with your friends and family. 

Do I have to Build A Downline?

No, we are not MLM. We work off of referrals. But please remember, every referral you get that buys, you do earn a commission of 25% (is tallied without shipping fees, tax or discounts/coupons). There is no monthly quota, no BV to meet, no making sure you hit a level. Share, earn, and keep going! 


Statistic Tracking

Are you a sales guru that needs stats? That’ fine. Our in house custom sales dashboard tracks it all for you. See who joined and how much you made with full transparency. The affiliate statistics pages provide you with advanced analytic data so that you know how many visits your referral link has had, sales you’ve received, your average conversion rate, pending payouts and how much income you have earned.

 The First Steps To Become A Successful Weight Loss Supplements Promoter Are Crucial

If you are ready to jump in and start earning, we provide you with the first steps to go from earning zero commissions to recurring income for life. You’ll have your first sale in no time. Follow our down to earth simple made Affiliate URL in your dashboard once you join. Copy, Paste, Repeat. Join the Group for more marketing help. Earn money working at home today or anywhere from your mobile device!


Listen to what our Owner has to say about why she doesn’t like MLM and why she knew Elite Weight Loss Referral needed to be better than that.

Now, Affiliates Can Also Place Dropship Orders

We are excited to announce our all new dropship program where you do not have to purchase your products in bulk, nor worry about shipping products to your customer. If you have friends and family who do not like to pay online, that’s ok you can pay for their order on your account and ship it to them. To place dropship orders, simply apply to be an affiliate. All affiliates can place dropship orders. If you already have your own website, or you sell on social media, sales channels, You Tube your own store, etc, you can do this to full-fill your orders. It only charges wholesale plus the process fee of $4. We take care of the packing, shipping and getting you all the tracking numbers for your customers.

Starting Is Easy


  1. Sign up to our Elite Supplement Referral Affiliate Program.
  2. Copy your referral link or banner HTML codes to your website, social media, blogs & everywhere else.
  3. Get paid your commissions for every sale that you help generate using your referral link.

We will send you out a few emails for Affiliate explanation as well which includes group links and training info.


The Elite Weight Loss Affiliate Program Gives You The Opportunity To Earn Unlimited Income

How do I join the Elite Weight Loss Referral Affiliate Program?

Signing up for our referral sales weight loss affiliate program is easy. Simply fill out the affiliate registration form , there in no registration fee itself to get started. Your application is instantly approved and you’ll be able to get started right away. No autoships required.

Am I allowed to refer myself?

No. If you join the Elite Weight Loss affiliate program just to purchase products and receive commissions for your own gain, you will not receive a commission. Any affiliate found abusing our system, in any way, will have their account terminated. Customers can use their rewards link in the My Account Tab after joining to earn additional rewards in the form of points to use at checkout for discounts, but Affiliate’s abusing the system for discounts will be reverted back to customers only.

What is the best way to promote my affiliate link?

So you want to make a little more then just referring friends and family? That’s perfectly fine. We welcome bloggers, website owners looking for good products to promote, social media gurus. There are a ton of different ways to generate traffic to your link. We provide you with several incredible, proven methods in the “First Steps” page after you’ve signed up for our affiliate program. If you get stuck after you have tried out our initial steps, reach out to us to see how we can help you increase your sales.

How do I get started after I’ve signed up as an affiliate?

After you’ve completed your affiliate registration, you’ll be directed to the “Affiliate Area” where you’ll be provided with everything that you need to get started. You’ll have access to your affiliate referral links, creative banner ads, tips on how to maximize your earnings with our products and you’ll also receive access to our exclusive Elite Weight Loss Affiliates Facebook group.

Do I get a discount on purchasing products for myself?

Yes, you will receive a discount on products, but you have to be actively promoting your affiliate links. If you sign up just to receive the discount, your discount will be revoked and affiliate account will be terminated.

 Are you an MLM (Multi-level Marketing) / Pyramid scam?

No way! Our owner actually designed this system as a referral based program because she doesn’t believe in MLM or Pyramid schemes or having to pay to join and maintain some monthly BV (business volume) to maintain a commission level. THAT is MLM and THAT isn’t what we do here. We highly recommend that you try out our products and get real results for yourself prior to signing up as an affiliate. You may have seen similar businesses call it Weight Loss Promoters, Sales Referral Programs, Affiliate Sales, Etc.  You only make income by promoting your Affiliate link and acquiring sales. Your success is the best proof that we have. Think about it, when you lose weight and someone says to you, “You look amazing! How’d you lose so much weight?” You give them your referral affiliate link and say here…check out Elite Weight Loss!  If you DO happen to refer someone that makes a lot of sales, we do want to reward you. We offer you another referral percentage of the affiliates that you refer, but we are not structured like an MLM, we just feel you deserve the credit. Our Owner has worked a lot of MLM businesses over the years from AVON, to Beachbody, to It Works (if you believe that! HA!), to Skinny Body Care (no longer around), and about 6 other major weight loss companies and herbal supplement and fitness companies and they ALL took peoples hard earned money to join and made BIG promises of lucrative commissions, forcing training calls, weekly meetings and roping you into their sales funnel so the few people at the very top profited well, while the little people doing all the work struggled after paying their monthly commitment out to the company for products. THAT is MLM and THAT ISNT Elite Weight Loss.


Ready To Earn Commissions Helping People Live A Healthier Lifestyle? Our Affiliate Program Is Here To Help Others…

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This information does not replace the advice of your doctor or pharmacist. Weight loss results may vary. Results can vary due to activity levels, calories consumed, proper supplement use and water consumption. These statements have not been approved by the Food & Drug Administration.