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Simplicity Healthy Goals Weight Loss Patch

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HCG Homeopathic patches are common use in Keto diets, low carb, low calorie plans, and many other popular diet trends.

Education: We feel it is of the utmost importance for you to understand the use of these patches

Healthy Goals Patch is proven in many studies to help control appetite while targeting fat stores for weight loss and preserving lean body mass. Simplicity Healthy Goals Patch can be combined with our other weight loss products and patches. While this patch is an appetite suppressant like many of our weight loss pills, Simplicity Healthy Goals HCG targets things from a different approach. Simplicity Healthy Goals patch is focusing on targeting stored fat to energy and not using lean muscle during times of calorie restriction. As an alternative, lean muscle while dieting can also be preserved with exercise, isometic toning, lifting weights. Low calorie diets and cutting too much protein can lead to your body breaking down muscle which can lead to muscle atropy (poor muscle tone) and therefore can cause a slower metabolism and trigger weight gain after diet success. The main purpose of losing weight is for overall health, but you also want to be able to NOT be on a diet for life, but rather a lifestyle change. Preserving lean muscle on any diet will help keep your metabolism at optimal level and be able to burn more calories throughout the day.

Are you one of the countless health enthusiasts looking to improve your physical condition? Or maybe you are looking for a lifestyle change to better your health or boost your self-esteem? Are you looking for help to lose weight using a non-strenuous method with noticeable and long-lasting results?

Of course a healthy diet and regular exercise program are essential in losing weight as well as maintaining a fit body but it is a safe and fast acting product that can aide you in the weight loss process.

WHAT IS Healthy C Goals patch?

Healthy Goals is a hormone which is produced largely by women mainly during pregnancy. . This hormone is specifically produced by the woman´s placenta which plays a major role in the control of the pregnant woman´s metabolic functions. This hormone takes the fat stored by the woman´s body and turns fat into essential calories to nourish and help the unborn baby.

HOW DOES Healthy CGoals WORK?

This is a product  which helps you lose weight by essentially instructing the body to take the fat it may be storing and turn it into vital energy. By literally depriving excess energy to fat storing cells and can make the weight loss faster and easier. Although your body produces a certain amount of HCG on its own it is not enough to bring about the weight loss desired so our Healthy Goals   helps increase your  levels and in turn bring about weight loss, while preserving lean muscle.



You may notice from time to time a certain feeling of exhaustion which is manifested through sore eyes, fatigue, hunger, irritability and over all lethargy to name a few. All of the aforementioned situations can be attributed to lack of energy, energy is vital to all daily functions so maintaining optimal energy levels is essential. While using this your body will be in a constant never ending supply of energy which will avoid tiredness, irritability and yes overeating.


Have you ever tried dieting and cutting back on meals only to find that your hunger increases as the days go by?

That is because your body believes it is starving and that causes your metabolism to slow down which means that not only do you begin to feel constant hunger but your body goes into survival mode which causes it to store extra calories uncertain of when its next meal will be. This is not the case while using these patches, being as this hormone essentially commands your body to use its own reserves providing a constant supply of energy and nutrients bringing about an improved metabolism.

Ten Reasons To use the Homeopathic Healthy Goals HCG Patch

  1. Convenience – This is obvious. Stick it and forget it… for at least 3-4 days.
  2. Simple storage – No refrigeration required. It’s no longer necessary to buy two bottles of drops, one for the office and one for home. Your HCG patch is always attached.
  3. No transportation necessary – It’s stuck to you, so unless you’ll be out of town for greater than a weekend trip, no worries.
  4. Transdermal delivery – They’re dosed appropriately for “no-worry” delivery. No more worrying about mixing HCG injection solution. No more frustration and worry about oral absorption of HCG drops. Just stick it and change in 3 days.
  5. Pain free – Nobody likes sticking themselves with a needle. NOBODY. Why do that?
  6. Multi-Vitamin all in one – Check the ingredient list .
  7. No prescription required – This is a homeopathic HCG solution. No costly doctor visits or high dollar prescription cost.
  8. Cost –  They’re much cheaper than a prescription HCG product and leading HCG patches by at least $20 per pack.
  9. Extended expiration time – The patches are good for years as long as stored properly.
  10. Can be used in conjunction with the other patches and weight loss pills if using Elite Weight Loss Supplements, HCG diet, keto, etc.

INGREDIENTS:  HOMEOPATHIC HCG, Purified water, Organic Grain Alcohol, Turmeric, L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, L-Carnitine, Calcera Carbonica, Focus Ves, Amino Acid Complex, Spongia tosta, Iodine, Bromide, Hypothalamus pituitary Thyroid,  72 minerals from Humic Shale.

Instructions:  You may do the loading phase the first week. Day 1 Apply 2 patches, Day 4 Apply 2 new patches.

Then the second week start with 1 patch with each change on every 4th day. I receommend having a seconf pack on hand your last weeek so you do not miss a day waiting for your mail if you forget to order and order late so your not off track on applying if you are going more then 30 days. It is recommended 30-45 days cycle at a time.

12 patches in the package and will allow for 30 days of use. Latex free and hypoallergenic medical grade material. We are currently providing the white material patch as prior and as those sell out we will be moving to the new Silicone version also and will update the instructions for use.

Healthy Goals Patches are on sale for $60 per pack right now until we switch to the new silicone form. Please grab this great deal today!

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