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Keto Elite Weight Loss


A 7 week comprehensive ketogenic program with LIFETIME access designed for those who have struggled to lose weight, have difficulty with “diets’, and other options haven’t worked over time. We know you want to lose weight fast, and we can help you lose up to 14 pounds the first 2 weeks following our program.

If you need a new weight loss plan and are willing to give Elite Keto Weight Loss a try, we will provide all the tools you need to succeed! Stop looking for a weight loss program that works, we have it! Everything you need to stop food cravings, binges, snacking, feeling hungry all the time…not to mention that stubborn fat you just seem to not be able to shed.



Do you have a big event coming up that you need to lose weight fast? Have you tried other tried programs that you count points only to find out it doesn’t work for you, or you gain instead of lose? Why? Because your not targeting the fat you already have! Yes, Keto is low carb to the Extreme, but guess what? You will find yourself not needing them anymore when you learn how to stop craving sugar and carbohydrates for fuel and instead using a healthy fat fueled diet gaining energy and focus and loosing the pounds. You will finally stop the afternoon fatigue and the YO-YO cycle of gaining and loosing weight.

Want to lose weight and no time to exercise? You can do Keto Elite Weight Loss with or without exercise and still lose weight. The benefits of exercising with the program can be beneficial in toning up as you lose the weight, and allowing your body to burn more calories at rest, turning your metabolism into a lean fat burning machine!

DOES ELITE KETO WORK?   People on the Elite Ketogenic diet can lose 14-30 pounds their first month by making these food changes and using our supplements. The combined effort makes drastic changes happen. Elite Keto is going to change the way you think about “diets.” This will be the LAST time you look for a diet program that works.

Celebrities like Kelly Clarkson reported on the Today Show, she has lost over 37 pounds easily with Ketogenic diet. But you need to learn Keto the RIGHT way, and that’s why we have this extensive program available for you. Other celebrities who have tried and succeeded on Keto are Katie Curic, Halle Berry, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, Gweneth Paltrow, LeBron James, Vinny Guadagnini, Megan Fox and more. (Reported by Everyday Health.) Sure you may Google and find short cuts, but you need the right science backed program by a Certified Keto trainer that gets results. If you hit a weight loss plateau we can help you tweak your Macro’s and use our Advanced Keto Weight Loss tools so you continue to lose weight.

Our Elite Keto Weight Loss program is designed for any age, any lifestyle, but of course we always say check with your Doctor if you have any serious medical condition. This program can help lower blood sugar and insulin resistance by changing the way you eat, modifying your carb intake and fueling your body with healthy fats from sources like MCT, Coconut, Avocado, and more. Don’t get the wrong idea that you can’t eat what you want….most are suprised at what they CAN eat and still start burning off their stored fat for fuel. Retain lean muscle while on this ketogenic weight loss program by following our tips as well.


Included in this program:

Online 24 hour access self paced Program

instructed by an RN, Certified Keto Coach with 15 years experience in weight loss

2 week Carb Detox kickstart

Sample Meal Plans for Keto meat eaters and Keto vegetarians both!

Planning for Keto after detox

Grocery guides

Macro setting

Overcoming Obstacles

Health Benefits of Keto

The 5% Rule no one knows about!

Measuring Ketones- the keys to the numbers

Advanced Keto weight loss

Full Keto printable guides

Tip sheets

Tracking sheets


How Keto can benefit your health

Supplementation with Keto

Intermittent Fasting-who can benefit from it and who shouldn’t try it

Troubleshooting/ breaking weight loss plateaus

12 week Keto Diet variation Guide

Exclusive access to our Keto Facebook Group for 24 hour support

and a whole bunch more!

Questions? Please email or jump on chat we will be happy to help!

Steps getting started:

1.Once you have purchased the program, you will receive an email with an “Keto intake” form, waiver and disclosure agreement.

2.Please return these forms via email so we may help you get started fast.

3.We will also send you a link to the program with your login details. You will be accessing www.ketoeliteweightloss.pro

Since this program is online and has downloadable content, refunds cannot be given. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help with

anything on the program. We want to see you succeed!



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