Missing some things in your diet can wreak havoc on reaching your goals. Limiting foods and restricting things can lead to being vitamin and nutrient deficient. Adjusting the amount of fats, carbs, proteins can assist with some of it, but many times we see people who are still under nutrition. Starving your body of vital nutrients will not help you lose weight.

Undereating and lack of nutrients can stall your weight loss

The brutal truth: People who struggle with eating disorders, including emotional eating, can also struggle with loosing their hair, brittle nails, loss of bone density, digestion problems, and issues with other vital bodily functions which can affect their heart. Your body has a tendency to protect itself going into fight or flight mode. Sure you may lose a little weight at first on a starvation diet, but that is NOT healthy and no way to live long term. What happens then is people go on binge eating mode since they starved themselves then they gorge on things to either feel better fast then many times compensaste in unhealthy ways later feeling guilty (AKA Bulimia and Anorexia Disorders). That in itself needs a little help from something more then what we can offer. The emotional eating disorders must be dealt with by properly licensed medical professional to break the habits, and dealt with for whatever reasons they are occurring. Although we have many products to assist with vitamin and nutrient levels, plus collagen and healthy fats, but If underlying emotional eating is part of your weight loss issues, please seek help to deal with it. Yo yo dieting and weight loss pills are not a long term answer for you.

How does emotional eating lead to nutrient deficiency?

It’s pretty simple. Those who emotionally eat, normally eat processed carbs, boxed foods, chocolate, ice cream, whatever is sweet or high fat. This packs on the calories, unhealthy fats and pounds. It can spike insulin levels in response and and contribute to the yo yo binge eating to feel better. In the long run, you won’t feel better and you won’t

Now let’s see how we CAN help you fix the weight loss issues

Now that we hashed out what some of the underlying issues can be that need dealt with on a higher level, let’s talk about what we can help with. Those underlying vitamin and nutrient deficiencies can be helped with a few of our key products, Daily FIX, Flawless, and Ignite. Those products can be used daily and are non stimulant fat burners.

Why will Ignite, and Daily FIX help me lose weight?

With Ignite and Daily FIX firing up your metabolism and supporting the underlying nutrients and vitamins you need, your body will start to shift from storage mode, to weight loss mode, Your body will start releasing the fat for fuel, You can maintain lean muscle mass with the Elite Collagen and Elite MCT by having additional proteins and healthy fats stores readily available for fuel instead of your body breaking down muscle for fuel (this is what happens many times with people who starve themselves or under eat,)

Taken daily, Elite Weight Loss Supplements can help you to overcome the issues at hand. They can help support appetite control, overeating, support underlying vitamin deficiencies, support metabolism and a better overall mood.

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